ASP.NET Hosting Company Released CodeGuard Cloud Backup service – 10/07/2014 is a premiere ASP.NET hosting company, proudly announces the best CodeGuard Cloud Backup service with a combination of affordable price, high customer satisfaction rate and commendable quality.

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Another interesting feature of CodeGuard is the frequency in which backups are taken. Initially, an entire backup is taken of customers’ website. Once the initial backup is taken, additional backups are only taken on a file-by-file basis when files are changed. This is done automatically! This means customers will truly have backups of what customers need while reducing the amount of overly redundant backups, which can be costly and confusing to deal with. has partnered with CodeGuard to provide customers with a powerful and intuitive website backup solution for Cloud Sites! Buying the CodeGuard Cloud Backup from ASPHostPortal has a couple of key advantages: makes it simple and affordable to protect customers’ website with this high-level backup service. It’s easy to add the service to customers’ ASPHostPortal account, whether customers are a new or existing.