ASP.NET Hosting Provider Launched a New Website – 09/29/2014

Host4ASP.NET, a newly launched ASP.NET hosting brand, recently released its re-designed official website. Besides the previous site building service, the company now offers ASP.NET hosting, too. The company claims that it now focuses on ASP.NET, and its services can meet the demands of all the small and medium sized websites built with ASP.NET technologies.

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So far, Host4ASP.NET has released 3 ASP.NET hosting plans which are named as Basic, Advance and Business. As the names indicate, Basic is designed for beginners requiring the basic features and resources; Advance is fit for advanced users with higher requirements, and Business is developed for businesses that plan to succeed online.

In terms of features, all of the plans include WebSitePanel control panel, 1-click installation of multiple popular applications, and the latest technologies such as ASP.NET 4.5, Silverlight 5, PHP 5.4, ASP.NET MVC 5, MSSQL 2012 and anti-virus protection. However, there are some differences between the plans which mainly lie in the resource allocation.

1) Basic: 1 website, 1 GB disk storage, 50 GB bandwidth, 1 MSSQL 2012 database and 1 MySQL 5 database.
2) Advance: 6 websites, 10 GB disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, 6 MSSQL databases and 6 MySQL databases.
3) Business: Unlimited websites, disk storage, bandwidth, MSSQL databases and MySQL databases.

Host4ASP.NET offers technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The communication channels, which include live chat and contact emails, are available for people to consult an expert or ask for help.