Australian ASP.NET Hosting Provider Offers AUD$1 Hosting – 10/07/2014, the innovative provider of windows hosting and ASP.NET hosting services in Australia, today announced the extension of its shared hosting services by launching AUD$1 hosting promotion program. Customers will only have to pay only AUD$1 for the first month and no need to subscribe to 6-month or yearly subscription. The company claimed that its new and improved Shared Hosting plans engineered to help businesses cut hosting cost, but still have the robust and stable server with secure connection.

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The company offers three types of shared hosting plans; Windows Shared basic, Windows Shared Developer and Windows Shared Business. These hosting plans are offered at price range of AUD$7, AUD$15 and AUD$23 per month which customers must pay for minimum of 6 months subscription. Meanwhile, this promotion program allows customers pay only AUD$1 for the first month and for the second month and the rest, customers will have to pay AUD$8.99 per month. supports the Windows Server 2008 and its older versions, IIS 7, ASP.NET 4.5 framework and its older versions, MSSQL 2005 and 2008, cheap domain registration and many more. With its certified support teams can help manage the servers 24/7 and every server includes full remote desktop access from anywhere in the world, super fast dedicated server hosting guaranteed, no sharing resources and data, easy to install any applications and self-opt operating system.