Canadian Web Hosting Company Expands its VPS Hosting Plans – 02/13/2013

Cirrus Tech Ltd., a VPS hosting company offering an array of web hosting services in Canada and around the world, announces that its Linux and Windows virtual private server plans have been expanded to offer improved management. For current users, this managed support applies to any Cirrus VPS hosting package that they are at present running on. The expanded support includes assistance with configuration of common server applications and the installation of security patches. New customers can get started with a VPS plan from Cirrus quickly and easily by taking advantage of the free migration assistance now offered as part of the new fully managed services.

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“We are really excited about making managed support available to all Cirrus VPS users,” shares Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. “It makes our VPS plans all inclusive covering everything a business might need in getting themselves set up. We understand that not all business have the technical expertise or the internal resources to effectively manage their VPS hosting set-up. Which is why we decided that we wanted the Cirrus environment to be fully supported. Any user that is either currently using or wants to migrate to our VPS can feel confident knowing they are fully covered.”

Cirrus offers five Linux and five Windows VPS Hosting plans starting at $15.99 per month.