Dedicated Hosting Company Upgraded Server Bandwidth For Free – 01/29/2012

Liquid Web Inc. the leader in Dedicated Hosting services today anounced that all customers survers bandwidth were upgraded for FREE.

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Through recent upgrades to their Network and servers, Liquid Web are happy to announce that they have made much of their data transfer entirely FREE! This will include ALL inbound bandwidth as well as 5TB of outbound bandwidth for current and future customers. This pricing reduction represents an enormous discount for many of our users. Most current Liquid Web customers will see their bandwidth pricing automatically reduced significantly.

These price reductions are a result of their ongoing commitment to improve value for their customers. This includes expanded network capacity, the addition of many peering partners, as well as upgrades to servers across all four of their datacenters. These efforts have allowed them to ensure their users an increasingly premium dedicated hosting experience. While, generally, improvements in service represent an increased cost to users, they are thrilled that these upgrades have allowed them to actually cut prices.