Dedicated Hosting With 100% Uptime – 02/06/2013

Hungary based server rental services provider Pontkom Studio Kft. now assures their clients of providing dedicated web hosting solutions that can guarantee them a 100% uptime. The company reveals that their newly launched server solution will never allow their client’s websites to go down.

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Today, website owners know that not only creating an attractive and feature-rich website is important but choosing a reliable hosting platform is equally important. This is the reason why Pontkom Studio’s announcement has been welcomed by the site owners and webmasters. Besides offering 100% uptime, the company offers the data center which can secure all data in a safe environment. They assure hosting of files and software in a clutter-free manner so that all files can be quickly available to the client-side. They invite all website owners to visit their website to get an idea about the services and solutions they are offering.

All webmasters who used to switch from one server provider to another in order to avail better services and avoid downtime are now attracted towards the 100% uptime announcement by the Hungarian company Pontkom Studio Kft. If you too own any website, blog or an online application, you can hire a dedicated hosting server by visiting their website