European SSD Hosting Features Faster Page Loads – 09/12/2013

A2 Hosting, the service provider known for their high-performance hosting solutions is now offering SSD Hosting in their European data center. A2 Hosting customers who have websites with primarily European visitors can now experience the speed advantage of solid state drives combined with hosting content closer to their visitors. Customers interested in the service can select Europe + SSD Storage directly from A2 Hosting’s order form.

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The results of the tests are especially significant considering how severely a 1-second page load delay can negatively impact a website. Tests show a mere 1-second delay in page load speed can cause a 7% decrease in conversion rate, 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction and a 11% reduction in page views.

Additional benefits are each Web Hosting customer gets free access to a CloudFlare CDN in their control panel. With just 1-click , customers can opt into the service. On average, CloudFlare’s content delivery network increases website speed by 200%. Another free service A2 Hosting offers to their SSD customers is the Railgun network optimizer. This service loads HTML up to 143% faster.