Free Hosting to Businesses Experiencing Downtime from Hurricane Sandy – 10/30/2012

Advanced Internet Technologies, a Fayetteville, NC based domain registrar and web hosting company, has secured its US East Coast data center facilities in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy has spent the last weekend off the coast of North Carolina and is expected to make landfall in the Northeastern United States late Monday. AIT will also offer one month free hosting for any companies who experience downtime or data loss with any other hosting company due to Hurricane Sandy.

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Throughout the last week, many companies along the east coach have been preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Since its inception in 1996, AIT has been located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, located just over an hour from the coast. When AIT was founded, disaster recovery and hurricane preparedness were a key component of its business plan. “We knew that we would be hit by a hurricane or other nature disaster at some point, and through our strategic planning, led by prior members of the US Army, and Marines; we knew AIT would only be successful if we could withstand a large, Category 4 or 5 Hurricane and still be able to provide service to our customers.” said AIT’s CEO Clarence Briggs. He continued, “AIT started with its first generator backup device in 1997, along with uninterruptable power supply units (UPS) to provide power between the time that commercial power is terminated, and the backup generator can start automatically. This was put to test in 1999 with Hurricane Floyd. This Category 4 monster ripped through North Carolina, taking out power stations, and causing massive flooding in the Piedmont area. However, due to the planning and preparation of AIT’s facilities and technical staff, there was no downtime for any AIT customer.”