French Support Services for Canada based Web Hosting – 12/09/2012

Server Sitters announced late Friday afternoon it would now be offering customer support in the French language throughout Canada. Server Sitters is a leader in outsourced web-hosting support, and will now be offering bilingual support services for Canada hosting companies. The services provided are designed specifically to accommodate small and large commercial web hosting companies with customers in need of fluent French speaking representatives.

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Canada is steadily becoming a multilingual society according to language statistics from the 2001 Census Bureau. Statistics reveal that while most people in Canada speak English or French at home, one out of every six reported having a native language other than English. Server Sitters is making aggressive changes to cater to nearly 7 million French speaking citizens and residents of Canada.

When new clients sign up for one of the various plans offered by Server Sitters, the support team gathers all the required information to maintain support tickets, so the customer has no reason to think another company is involved in handling support. This valuable service is provided at extremely competitive rates, which helps web hosting companies dramatically improve the level of customer support, and also improve the bottom line, leaving more resources to grow.