High Speed VPS Hosting Promotion – 11/08/2013

NextPointHost (http:// nextpointhost.com/), a privately held leader in providing VPS hosting solutions, announced today a new promotion, which offers users up to 60% off on the entire range of High Speed Linux Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

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A VPS hosting can offer an affordable and realistic alternative to dedicated server hosting, providing the same benefits and hosting environment at a fraction of the cost. NextPointHost firmly believes that there are multiple benefits for businesses to upgrade from a shared hosting package to a larger virtualized hosting environment based on VMware vSphere platform. That’s why they introduce this offer with the aim to encourage more adoption of the VPS technology.

Customers wishing to take advantage of this offer simply need to use coupon code “NEXTPOINT37” at the checkout once they have selected the VPS hosting server of their choice.