How much does a website cost? – 07/22/2010

How much does a website cost? This is a tricky question that many people and businesses ask before they embark on a venture that is known as a web presence. You see, a website can be an expensive proposition or a costless proposition, but a business will definitely want to meet somewhere in the middle, because it is very true that you have to spend money to make money in this world, while at the same time opting for a enough of a reasonable cost to profit ratio.
The one thing that will cost you right off the bat is going to be web hosting, and while there are many free web hosting companies, I would not recommend using one of these companies if you are trying to operating a business website because the web hosting is not always secure or stable. If the free web hosting company just folded one morning you would lost your website, and they would owe you nothing so I definitely recommend going with the paid route.

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