Hyper-V Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

The leading ASP.NET tutorials website http://www.howtoasp.net/ released the Hyper-V Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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You could find the answers of the following questions:

– What is Hyper-V hosting?
– How I can manage my site via Hyper-V VPS hosting?
– What is the difference between Windows Hyper-V and VPS hosting?
– Where I can find Hyper-V VPS hosting providers?
– Can I host ASP.NET 4.5 website on Windows Hyper-V hosting?
– How long takes to open an Windows Hyper-V hosting account?
– Can I install custom software on Windows Hyper-V hosting?
– Can I login on Hyper-V VPS hosting server via RDC?

Read the full answers at http://www.howtoasp.net/asp-net-hosting-tutorials/hyper-v-hosting-faq/.