Java Cloud Hosting Platform – 09/08/2012

Jelastic has announced the launch of version 1.8.2 of its ultra scalable and interoperable platform for Java cloud hosting ( Jelastic Java PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) can run and automatically scale any Java application without any code changes. Jelastic gives hosting service providers an opportunity to enter the fast-growing PaaS market segment, attract new customers and effectively compete with Google, Amazon and Heroku by providing a highly competitive platform.

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The Platform-as-a-Service is a new and fast-growing market segment: according to Forester projections, it will reach 9.8 billion USD by 2015. Jelastic’s platform enables any hosting provider to enter this fast growing market. What makes it different from other cloud Java hosting platforms?

Jelastic offers a fundamentally new approach to Java cloud hosting: there is no learning curve for the end user and there is no need to recode applications in order to deploy them. Jelastic can run and scale any Java application with zero code changes. However, Jelastic also took the needs of hosting providers into account: the platform automatically allocates physical resources and automatically moves applications between host servers to optimize resource consumption and load. Unused environments can be hibernated as well– Jelastic will awake them as needed, automatically.