LA Web Hosting PRovider Uprgrades VPS Hosting Services – 11/09/2014

Media Temple, a LA Web hosting company providing premium web hosting and cloud services to web developers, designers, digital entrepreneurs and creative agencies, today announced major upgrades to its Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server hosting solutions, with changes across storage, RAM and bandwidth.

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With the jump to SSD technology, Media Temple is bringing a blazing fast, highly responsive and more-reliable-than-ever VPS and Dedicated Server hosting offerings to web designers, app developers, sys admin, Linux ninjas, creative agencies and studios.

“With this sweeping set of changes, we are now running the gamut of VPS hosting solutions, from self-managed to managed and fully managed,” said Brian Kuhn, VP of Product. “All these upgrades enable us to keep our servers at the forefront of performance while giving our customers the extra storage, bandwidth and memory they need with the high availability, flexibility and simplicity they want.”