Leading Windows Hosting Company Launches Managed Azure Pack Web Hosting – 11/27/2014

Windows hosting provider and Microsoft partner Applied Innovations announced that it is now offering cloud hosting built on top of Windows Azure Pack, which allows them to provide clients Azure technology in a fully supported and managed environment.

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The Managed Azure hosting employs a highly available infrastructure with load balancers distributing traffic through a cluster of servers utilizing highly redundant SQL. This ensures that websites are always on. With the Managed Azure Hosting, businesses have the utmost flexibility with a user-friendly control panel that allows them to scale resources and number of instances on the fly. Gone are the days of worrying about the overflow of traffic causing a site to crash and business to be lost.

Now with three different plan offerings, including reserved instances for businesses with dedicated demands, Applied Innovations has solutions to meet a variety of business needs. You can check out the 7 best things about Managed Azure Pack in their free e-book.