Liquid Web Shared Hosting Plans – 04/22/2016

On Friday, April 22, 2016, Liquid Web will be removing all shared web hosting options from their website. New customers will no longer be able to order Webmaster, Professional, or Semi-Dedicated web hosting products. They will continue to serve our current shared hosting customers with Heroic Support.

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This change only impacts the following products:

– Webmaster (WEB)
– Professional (PRO)
– Semi-Dedicated (SemiDedicated)

Liquid Web is shifting focus to new products that better meet the needs of their customers. Their entry level Storm Cloud offerings have proven to be a much more powerful and reliable option, delivering the most customer satisfaction and value, even for basic hosting needs. Their goal is to create the best hosting experience possible and their new product line meets that objective.

Their VPS plans serve as a much better entry-level solution for their customers and, while slightly more expensive, the significantly heightened performance and reliability represents a tremendous value, exceeding the increased monthly commitment.

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