Magento Hosting Service based on CloudLinux and LiteSpeed Enterprise – 09/12/2013

Web hosting provider ProperHost has launched a significant upgrade to their Magento hosting service, introducing a brand new technology platform based on CloudLinux and LiteSpeed Enterprise. New hosting packages and reseller plans are available, including advanced features such as RAID-10 SSD storage, Percona MySQL Server and Memcached.

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“For years we have concentrated on creating a perfect OS for shared hosts,” says Igor Seletskiy, CEO and founder of CloudLinux. “Our business is built on a commitment to our customers. That’s why by deploying our OS ProperHost receives improved quality of shared hosting and 24/7 expert support to deliver the standard of service that their customers demand.”

“With CloudLinux, we are able to isolate the impact to the offending tenant only, while all other sites remain unaffected. The CloudLinux LVE technology is a real game changer; server administrators can quickly isolate resource abusers, at the same time customers will see the reliability and stability of their server improve over time. We are also excited to announce that all existing clients will enjoy the benefits of this upgrade,” says Moe. “The migration process has already started, and we hope to have all clients moved to the new platform by the end of September.”