New Cloud VPS Hosting Offerings – 07/12/2011

Many people are fans of shared web hosting in the form of cloud VPS also known as Virtual Private Server. This way, a single client can use a single physical server as a host for more than one of his businesses, even though each business operates on a different virtual private server with a different operating system. On the other hand, a single physical server can be used for more than one client too, especially if they have only one website to host, according to the bandwidth, CPU and RAM requirements. There are numerous advantages to using cloud VPS services and, therefore, these are very sought-after services. Consequently, the range of providers available is very wide too.

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Recently, one of the most reputable and popular companies offering cloud VPS hosting services has launched the new and improved version of its website. Along with the new website, innovative services that simply cannot be offered by other rival companies are presented, while the strong features and internet solutions that the company used to provide ever since 1994 are still available for clients.

Among the most important offers and special deals that have been made available with the launch of the new website we can take into consideration the fact that the price for the first month using the cloud VPS services is 50% discounted, the fact that double RAM is offered on all plans as well as the fact that the range of packages starts from 1.0GHZ, 1GB RAM, 20GB storage capacity and 250GB bandwidth, which will prove to be more than enough for small business and websites that are only at the start of the road, and stretches up to 18.0GHZ, 18GB RAM, 360GB storage capacity and 4500GB bandwidth for extremely large companies that need powerful cloud VPS hosting plans. All the other offers in between these parameters are made to meet the standards set by companies of medium sized businesses. After deciding on which offer you and your company will require, the only thing you have to worry about is opting for an operating system and a template.