New Unlimited Reseller Hosting – 05/04/2013

Inerol Solutions, one of the leading firms offering high quality, affordable web hosting services, is excited to announce the unlimited upgrade of its Reseller Hosting service. “When we say it’s ‘unlimited’, we aren’t kidding around. In fact, we’re not limiting our resellers on anything – not disk space, not bandwidth, and, most importantly, we don’t limit our users on how many clients they can host,” said Robert Nikic, Inerol Solutions’ President and CEO. This upgrade is fresh on the heels of Inerol Solutions’ Unlimited Website Hosting upgrade in December. “We’ve learned that our clients don’t like to be limited to anything, so we’re working to make sure more of our products reflect that,” Nikic explained.

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Existing clients of Inerol Solutions’ Reseller Hosting solution will be grandfathered into the new Unlimited Reseller Hosting program. “Their pricing will be grandfathered too. So, if they pay more now, they’ll be adjusted to the current pricing scheme,” explained Nikic.

Since so many resellers offer promises that turn out to be nothing more than gimmicks, Inerol Solutions proudly backs its Reseller Hosting solution with an “UNLIMITED” Guarantee. Simply put, the firm promises never to put a limit on bandwidth or available space. The only limits are on what some of the space can be used for (ie: reseller hosting accounts can’t be used merely for storage purposes). Bottom line, Inerol Solutions guarantees that its clients’ hosting accounts will be unlimited for all uses pertaining to their websites or their clients’ websites.