New Windows Hosting with Free MSSQL and Sitebuilder – 08/25/2011

SeekDotNet a leader in Web hosting services for individuals and small businesses, is launching the latest ASP.NET hosting plans to provide more high quality and affordable hosting products and services to allow personal and organization build their impressive website to be on the top of the competition.

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The economic crisis has reached its fourth anniversary but the impacts are still haunting us. Yet show only little sign of abating. We all still remember what happen in 2008, when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. It was the largest bankruptcy filling in the US history. The shutdown of the 4th biggest Wall Street firm, at least at that time, had put 24,000 people out of work.

For a rapidly-growing number of people world-wide, the answer is self-employment through Internet marketing. While no firm numbers exist, there are at least tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands that are now making money online, from a few extra bucks each month to keep up with inflation to those earning 6, 7 and 8 figure incomes online.

The Internet can open up new avenues for your business to buy and sell products or services online, with such activities generically referred to as ecommerce. Starting the online business can be a challenge. However with products and services from SeekDotNet, one can start, build and maintain great website to not only stay in the game, but are also finding they can learn how to lead the way.

SeekDotNet is offering ASP.NET and Windows Hosting plans that are affordable and guarantee 99.9% uptime with 24/7 Livechat Support. The latest packages are built to target the many different levels of customers needs and by offering not only low-rate and medium rate plans but also the Higher rate plan that give businesses the leverage of customized choice.

Our ASP.NET hosting plans offer a lot of highly developed tools designed to enhance your online business. These include popular shopping carts such as Zen Cart, nopCommerce, OS Commerce and Sitebuilder. With Sitebuilder any person without previousweb design experience can design their own website easily by using exsiting free template.