New Windows VPS Hosting Services on SSD storage – 12/22/2012

ZerOne Hosting’s Windows VPS Hosting plans with Advanced Data Restore are now available with SSD storage. The new storage medium offers extremely high IOPS and disk transfer speeds. Compared to traditional HDD storage, SSD is up to 144x faster (77000 IOPS compared to 533 IOPS of a typical 15K SAS disk)

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All Windows VPSs are based on Hyper-V which is the best platform for virtualizing Microsoft workloads. Hyper-V provides total virtual machine isolation which makes every Windows VPS 100% independent from other VPSs on the same physical host. ZerOne Hosting also combined Hyper-V with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager to provide on demand restores of every client’s data. Every VPS is protected with full disaster recovery backups with a 30 day retention period. Enterprise Anti-Virus protection is also ensured with Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection Antivirus protecting every Windows VPS.