Nexcess Expands Magento Web Hosting Offerings in the UK – 05/23/2011

Nexcess, an eCommerce web hosting company and official Magento hosting provider, has announced the expansion of their Magento web hosting product line at the company’s United Kingdom facilities.

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This addition, which applies only to the company’s set of Magento web hosting offerings in the UK, will provide European webmasters with a new set of low-end options for hosting the Magento shopping cart platform.  Specifically, the company’s “SIP-100” and “SIP-200” Magento web hosting packages, previously offered exclusively in the United States, will be made available.  These hosting plans are designed for small, entry-level Magento stores that do not have the same high system resource requirements as Nexcess’ Magento Enterprise Edition users.

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer this cost-effective, custom solution for smaller Magento eCommerce start-ups in the UK,” commented Chris Wells, President & CEO of Nexcess, “Since our recent expansion from the United States to Europe, we have seen a tremendously positive response; however, in listening to our clients in Europe, we found this gap in our UK service offerings to be something that was still highly desired.”

The Nexcess Secured Isolated Platform (SIP) is a custom web hosting environment that is secured and optimized specifically for hosting Magento eCommerce web sites.   This web hosting platform assures better security through PCI compliance and isolated system resources, as well as special performance based around Magento’s unique system requirements.