OrcsWeb Launches A New Venture – Cytanium – 07/12/2010

CHARLOTTE, NC, July, 2010—Cytanium, a hosting service built on OrcsWeb’s Cloud Server architecture, launched this week in conjunction with the release of Microsoft’s WebMatrix. Cytanium is pleased to have been chosen as one of Microsoft’s recommended web hosting providers for the WebMatrix beta product.

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All Cytanium customers will have access to free hosting to use the beta version of WebMatrix. Microsoft has just introduced this beta version of WebMatrix, an easy and free way to get started building Websites on Windows. WebMatrix includes everything you need so you can start building, customizing and deploying your Web sites in one common, straightforward experience for developers of all skill sets. The product includes a Web Server (IIS Developer Express), Database (SQL Server Compact), and programming Framework (ASP.NET) and makes it easy to create a new Web site from scratch or use the Web Application Gallery to customize popular ASP.NET and PHP open source community applications. WebMatrix also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s professional development tools and servers including Visual Studio, SQL Server and Windows server. WebMatrix is designed to include everything that developers of all backgrounds and interests need to build and run Web sites on Windows.