Reseller ASP.NET Hosting Frequently Asked Questions – 10/04/2014

The leading ASP.NET tutorials website released the Reseller ASP.NET Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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You could find the answers of the following questions:

– What is Reseller ASP.NET hosting?
– How I can manage my clients using Reseller ASP.NET hosting?
– What is the difference between Reseller ASP.NET hosting and Windows Reseller hosting?
– Where I can find Reseller ASP.NET hosting providers?
– What ASP.NET version can be used with reseller ASP.NET hosting?
– Can I reseller PHP as well as ASP.NET with Reseller Windows hosting?
– Shall the reseller hosting accounts support the latest .NET technologies as MVC/LINQ/AJAX/Silverlight?
– What is the meaning of Private/Anonymous Name Servers?
– How many domains can be hosted with Windows Reseller hosting?
– What is the meaning of overselling?
– How long takes to open an ASP.NET Reseller hosting account?
– Can I install custom software on Windows Reseller hosting?
– Can I use VPS hosting to resell hosting services?
– Who will manage the server updates?
– Who will make the customer support?

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