Run APPS Faster on Performance Cloud Hosting Servers – 11/19/2013

Rackspace Performance Cloud Hosting Servers are designed to deliver exceptional performance and scalability, giving you the power to move at the speed your users demand. With Performance Cloud, databases deliver higher IOPS, websites load faster and video apps stream quicker.

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Rackspace Performance Cloud Hosting features include

RAID 10-protected, data center grade SSDs and the latest generation Intel® Xeon® Processors
– 40 Gigabits/second of highly available network throughput delivered to every host
– Enables high bandwidth applications and blazing fast Cloud Block Storage performance

Rackspace offers two flavors of Performance Cloud to choose from

Performance 1 for general purpose computing workloads
– Performance 2 for apps with higher RAM requirements that demand sustained performance

Performance flavors provide a 10 Gigabit Ethernet, surpassing the performance of other cloud servers. All of this adds up to improved performance for your apps
– up to a 2.6X overall performance boost than previous cloud servers.