Singapore Host Recruits New Head of Customer Support Division – 01/22/2013

Just less than a month ago, Singapore Host was declared as being one of the fastest growing web hosting companies based in Singapore. With a state-of-the-art data center facility equipped with the latest green technology and networking systems, Singapore Host has positioned itself quite strategically within the web hosting industry. Their focus on quality services accompanied with the provision of excellent customer support is what sets them apart from other similar companies.

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“As a person who keeps his ear to the ground, I have known about and have heard good things about Singapore Host for quite some time now. Recent surveys conducted by independent authorities on the web revealed the quality of the customer support service that Singapore Host has been providing for the last three years, and they have been strongly positive. I am very grateful to Robert, VP Sales of Singapore Host, for giving me the chance to become part of this extremely professional team of people.”

“Matthew has worked with a number of leading cloud hosting companies in the past, as a part of their customer support team. He has been instrumental in coming up with practical ideas to improve the level of customer service, so that the individual needs of consumers can be met more efficiently. In several companies that he has worked for, Matthew has also been noted for being a miracle worker when it comes to setting up processes and scouting for highly competent and efficient customer support staff.”

Although Matthew Leong has a Degree in Business Administration, his resume is filled with vast experience for customer support management. His focus on using information technology to service the needs of consumers in an efficient manner is what attracted Singapore Host to him, and made him stand out from his peers.