Singapore Web Hosting Company Announces Linux and Windows VPS Hosting with 20% Discount – 01/03/2012

Signetique is one of the largest Singapore web hosting providers and has been in the business for over 15 years. Web hosting Signetique provides shared, virtual and dedicated hosting services and maintains facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China and Japan. Signetique web hosting company announces launching new Hyper-V plans with support of Parallels Plesk Panel 11.

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“Unlike ordinary Windows VPS hosting, memory allocation for Windows VPS on Hyper-V is dedicated to each virtual machine,” Raymond Tan, CEO of Signetique. “This means that Signetique’s Windows VPS using the Hyper-V virtualization platform are never oversold. This is important as we want to ensure that our VPS customers enjoy dedicated resources and performance for their servers.”

“Since its launch earlier this year, Parallel’s Plesk Panel 11 has been well-received by our customers. Not only does it offer ease of usability, Plesk 11 is fully scalable. This is an important consideration for any would-be VPS users as today’s technology requirements can change at an instance.” Kenneth Tan, Signetique’s COO. “When the need arises, our customers are well-prepared for scalability with Plesk 11.”