US Based Hosting Company Extends PCI Compliance Accreditation – 05/15/2013

US based PEER 1 Hosting, the global Web hosting provider, today announced the successful achievement of its PCI audit, which sees its Los Angeles and London data centers become PCI compliant, increasing its line-up of PCI compliant data centers to six, globally. The audit allows PEER 1 Hosting to offer secure hosted PCI environments to customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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“We have seen a marked increase in customers requesting PCI solutions, with banks and associated payment gateway providers increasingly requiring this as standard,” said Fabio Banducci, President and CEO of PEER 1 Hosting. “As a company, we offer a consultative approach and understand the differing requirements that customers have, especially with something as complex as PCI Compliance.”

PEER 1 Hosting has a growing team of dedicated security professionals whose sole aim is to ensure continued compliance for PEER 1 Hosting solutions and services, making it easier for customers looking to achieve PCI compliance. This commitment was reflected by the organization recently when the entire team undertook the Security Awareness Training.