US Web Hosting Company Launches Compliance Service for E-Commerce Vendors – 01/06/2012

Web hosting provider Web HSP announced last week that it has launched a new service to help simplify the PCI DSS compliance process for e-commerce vendors.

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Web HSP offers its new service designed for small business owners as well as hosting companies who can offer it to their own clients.

The service offers complete customization so vendors can design their own templates. Technicians at Web HSP assist clients to match the credit card fields to the merchant’s design template, which builds the optimal set-up for each scenario.

The new compliance service uses a solution where merchants are able to store customer credit card information into their own data valuts. The information can be stored on any computer, which Web HSP said can never be decrypted outside of the system. In case it ends up in the wrong hands, the codes can’t be used to breach credit card data.

Web HSP uses technology that can be embedded into any application, capturing credit card and card verification values or code fields, leaving the rest of the fields on the merchant’s website untouched. The system has been integrated to support all major payment gateways, including Paypal Payflow Pro, and iPay.