USA Hosting Company Delivers App Store to Hosting Customers – 11/22/2013

Arvixe and SiteApps have partnered to make it easier for websites to optimize their websites and blogs for greater traffic, conversions, and revenue.

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Arvixe’s recent deployment of SiteApps’ App Store is now available to all of their web hosting customers, enabling them to easily select and install apps from among hundreds of curated free and commercial apps. The availability of a SiteApps plugin for cPanel provides Arvixe customers with one-click installation of both SiteApps, and any apps they later select.

“We’ve built the Arvixe brand on customer service and responsiveness,” said Arvixe CEO Arvand Sabetian. “SiteApps is the best way we’ve found so far to enable our customers, both technical and non-technical, to really expand the functionality of their websites and blogs using specialty apps that can boost their traffic and conversions.”

Based on the analytics results, the SiteApps algorithm recommends individual marketing, social media, sales, payment and customer service apps. Apps that Arvixe customers can install with one click include: Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Corner Peel Ad, and Exit Survey.