VPS Hosting in More Locations – 12/29/2012

StormVZ has expanded to 3 diverse locations for their VPS hosting customers, with the ability to choose from UK and West Coast / East Coast of USA. Servers have 2 x gbit links on a dedicated port to ensure network speed is quick always, even during peak times!

Best Web Hosting

Business owners realize that the functioning of their website will play an important role in their sales. Fact is that the function of the website is dependent on many factors, and the web host for the website is one of the most important factors.

What sets StormVZ apart is their superior team is the dedication StormVZ has towards supporting the clients. The web hosting and VPS hosting packages are quite flexible; customers are free to try the service for a month, 3 months or 6 months before they want to take annual upgrades. StormVZ offers a secured platform with a 256 bit secured SSL for all billing and VPS management tasks. But most importantly, they use only enterprise nodes and highly reliable because StormVZ uses high quality enterprise drives, with hardware RAID10 for all servers. With so much to offer, StormVZ is the perfect business partner for an ambitious online business owner.