Web Host Adds R1Soft to Dedicated Hosting Servers – 10/29/2012

Leading managed dedicated server hosting provider WiredTree (http://www.wiredtree.com), announced today the launch of R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) on all dedicated hosting plans. WiredTree now offers customers with a best-in-class web hosting backup solution at the lowest prices. In addition to investing in the infrastructure required to ensure fast and complete backups, WiredTree is also leveraging efficiency to cut the cost of R1Soft backups by 50 percent, making industry-leading backups available at an aggressively competitive price.

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“WiredTree has a great deal of experience with R1Soft,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. “We previously offered R1Soft backups by special request on our dedicated server hosting plans and on Hybrid web hosting services. With the launch of R1Soft CDP version 4, we now feel that the product meets the high standards our managed dedicated server customers demand. In addition to R1Soft’s impressive features, we have also invested more than $100,000 in an infrastructure that is optimized for backups.”

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (R1Soft CDP) is a software solution that takes snapshots of an entire dedicated server as frequently as every 15 minutes. Unlike other web hosting backup services, R1Soft CDP only transfers the data that has changed on a server, keeping backup windows small and reducing the risk of lost data. However, the promise of Continuous Data Protection can only be met if a hosting provider invests in a suitable hardware setup. Before launching R1Soft services for managed dedicated server customers, WiredTree built new storage SANs, using custom hardware with a file system designed for performance and reliability. These storage nodes are accelerated with solid-state drives (SSDs), providing read/write processes that are dramatically faster than hard disk drive (HDD) configurations.