Web Host Adds Windows VPS Hosting to Its Services – 07/17/2012

Since 2003, AccuWebHosting.com has been providing reliable, secure web hosting services. With its move toward providing Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting to businesses and professionals across the world, AccuWebHosting.com is able to offer a new alternative to customers interested in the privacy offered by a private Windows hosting server without paying the price.

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AccuWebHosting.com’s Windows VPS hosting offers plans starting at only $19.50 a month, with all Windows VPS hosting plans powered by Windows Server 2008. Each plan comes with backup at no extra charge, as well as storage space and unlimited domains. AccuWebHosting.com’s Windows VPS hosting allows your site to run in its own virtualized space, equivalent to having a separate server. AccuWebHosting.com’s Windows VPS hosting accounts include a dedicated IP for that website, which provides an additional layer of security and reliability for a website.

Each VPS-hosted site will have its own partition on the Windows VPS hosting server, with its own operating system. This allows businesses super user-level access. AccuWebHosting.com offers customers a choice between operating systems, web-based remote desktop access, and a web-based VPS management panel. For no additional cost, AccuWebHosting.com gives Windows VPS hosting customers its SmarterBundle Pro suite—an $800 value. SmarterBundle Pro includes a SmarterMail mail server with a 250 user license, SmaterStats advanced web and SEO analytics, and SmarterTrack, a help desk system to help businesses log technical support calls. SmarterTrack includes a knowledge base, live chat, and custom reports and surveys.

AccuWebHosting.com also offers complimentary backup support for each of its Windows VPS hosting accounts (on premium accounts), ensuring websites are safe year after year. AccuWebHosting.com uses Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for its weekly backups of all of its clients’ data. This complimentary backup service includes one data restore per month. Additional backup services are available for purchase for an additional $20 per month for each 20GB of data.