Web Host Hosting Deepens Competitive Landscape for Affiliate Marketing – 10/31/2012

In the competitive landscape of today’s e-commerce marketplace, many companies take part in the hunt for best practices to move the needle; yet, for most companies, the answer is not as complex as they presume.

Best Web Hosting

AN Hosting, known for optimized Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress unlimited web hosting, recently reported stout gains after implementing a few key, yet small, changes to their website. With a team of professionals constantly testing and measuring e-commerce results they’ve garnered a large network of affiliate partners who rely on a company’s ability to produce these best practices for mutually beneficial financial gains.

“Decisions based on testing and measurement ensures we are always moving forward and holding our edge,” said David Anderson, sales and marketing director of AN Hosting. “With a recent price reduction and simple, but significant, changes to website imagery, we’ve seen nearly 20% more people begin using our hosting services through affiliate partners.”

Since their inception, AN Hosting has grown, in large part, through word-of-mouth referrals brought in by affiliate partners who tout the simple, yet versatile, hosting plans for a hard-to-beat price. AN Hosting currently provides unlimited features on disk space, bandwidth, add-on domains, and email accounts. They also ease the burden of creating a website with one-click blog or website applications, e-commerce tools, and marketing resources containing SEO and traffic tools. For those who have a website, AN Hosting will conduct the website transfer from their previous provider for free.

Positive changes on AN Hosting’s website reach further than just their bottom line; AN Hosting’s large affiliate network looks to these changes with great anticipation. AN Hosting already offers advanced tracking tools combining standard cookie/pixel-based tracking with multi-session cookie-less tracking ensuring sales are tracked with a high level of accuracy. They also employ an in-house design team to create carefully crafted, A/B tested, creative that secure higher conversion rates. Affiliates choose from an assortment of promotions, custom coupon codes, direct links or work with AN Hosting to create tailor-made campaigns.