Web Host Offers Master Reseller Hosting – 08/24/2014

UniHost2u, (www.unihost2u.com), the web hosting company, today reached out to IT and creative professionals and entrepreneurs with an offer that Master Reseller Hosting For Sell Unlimited Whm. the latest inUniHost2u’ efforts to promote Master Reseller Hosting as an opportunity for individuals and companies to grow their income. UniHost2u Master Reseller Package enables a user to Whm Reseller, retail web solutions including hosting, domains, email and broadband, under their own brand and earn profit on the items they sell.

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The UniHost2u Master Reseller package, starting$ 69.99/Annually+VAT, is unique in featuring unlimited Whm, web space and bandwidth meaning greatly reduced costs to resellers. Unlimited POP3 email enables resellers to tailor packages closely to their clients’ needs. A wide range of brandable website publishing tools, website tracking and marketing tools provide further opportunities to earn revenue.

The recurring fees model and healthy profit margins involved with web hosting can also be attractive for those under pressure to grow revenue streams. 64 per cent of resellers reported that they had increased overall revenue per client as a result of reselling web solutions. The excellent scalability of web hosting means that resellers can grow a new hosting business flexibly and at their own speed. All technicalities and back-end processes are handled by the provider but the reseller retains all customer liaison and marketing themselves.

As the UniHost2u Master reseller hosting provider, UniHost2u offers a comprehensive range of Master reseller web solutions including domain name registrations, email solutions (including mobile email services), and shared web hosting.