Web Host Reduces Small Business Hosting Package Rates – 03/15/2013

With trends continuing to evolve in the competitive web hosting industry, Web HSP has announced its latest offer to online entrepreneurs and small business across the United States and Canada. Typically, traditional web hosting connects to just one server, whether its a dedicated or shared server, certain scenarios can be an issue for some business owners, especially if a companies website is overloaded because of too many files and there simply may not be enough space available.

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Founder and CEO Doug Davis said, “Web HSP guarantees all of our customers 100% reliability and 24/7 customer support 365 days a year. Each of our clients are given the opportunity in making their website more credible and easily accessible. Clients are also able to focus on their website instead of their hardware and they will only pay at an affordable rate.”

Also, Web HSP is always there to support clients 24/7. This is definitely an advantage especially for business owners who aren’t necessarily computer savvy. Management and staff at Web HSP understands the needs and expectations of their customers.