Web Hosting Company Launches Remote Assistance For Better Customer Service – 02/27/2013

SingHost is a web hosting company that has been providing customers from Singapore, as well as other locations around the world, with quality web hosting services. Over the years, the web hosting industry has grown considerably primarily due to an increase in the usage of the Internet. The Internet is now home to millions of websites featuring content related to commerce, entertainment, sports and so on. Many web hosting companies have also started to provide web development services with their web hosting packages.

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SingHost has established itself as being one of the best in the business with regards to customer service. As compared to other companies who may not place solving customer issues as their priority, SingHost has invested much resources into developing a team of competent technical support staff. Regardless of the nature and technical level of the client’s problem, the support staff at SingHost are always ready to help out clients, and solve whatever web hosting issues that they may be facing.

This remote assistance feature for technical support has recently been launched by SingHost. This is a feature that customers will not be able to get from most of the web hosting companies that are in business today. Availability through phone and email as well as video conferencing in some cases is quite useful. However, letting a skilled technician access your computer virtually in order to solve a problem is one of the most efficient ways of dealing with a situation. “I like the way they can remotely connect to my desktop, because my issue gets resolved very quickly,” adds Lilian Loo of the learn guitar free website.