Web Hosting Customers Start Using Windows Server 2012 Beta – 05/18/2012

Web hosting Cbeyond announced that their customers are able to use the limited release of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 beta. Web hosting Cbeyond is one of a few companies that offering beta versions of Windows Server 2012. Microsoft officially launched the new version of Windows System 2012 at its Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas at the end of April, then in May launched its hosted test to developers in order to evaluate Windows Server  2012 Beta cloud servers.

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“Cbeyond is focused on bringing innovation to small businesses, and our collaboration with Microsoft to provide our customers with advance availability of Windows Server 2012 is yet another example,” Chris Ortbals, vice president of cloud product management of Cbeyond said in a statement.  “With the hundreds of new features and enhancements with Windows Server 2012, small businesses, IT professionals and developers can now be the first to take advantage of innovation in the areas of virtualization, networking, and hosted and hybrid applications.” This announcement by Chris Ortbals who named VP of cloud services product management and development, and appointed Matthew Stevens VP of professional services.

Features in Windows Server 2012 increase website density and efficiency, and provide frameworks, services, and tools to increase scalability, according to the press release. With the beta, users get a cloud server with public internet access, full installation of Windows Server 2012 by Microsoft experts, and 30-day free trial.