Web Hosting Provider Levels Up VPS Hosting and Hybrid Server Plans – 04/02/2013

WiredTree (http://www.wiredtree.com), an experienced provider of managed virtual private servers (VPS hosting), dedicated servers, and hybrid servers, announced today significant upgrades across its entire range of services. With the introduction of SSD caching, the latest R1Soft backups, and Parallels platform optimization, WiredTree customers will see page loading times decrease by as much as 75%.

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“Every year, we upgrade our VPS hosting and hybrid server clients to the latest technology,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree.

“Our tests have shown the incredible impact of SSD Caching alone,” says Cogswell. “Uniquely, our tests were conducted on live servers using live client websites, not synthetic benchmarks. When we talk about cutting page loading times in half, we can be confident our customers will see the same results. We have also been working on other ways to decrease I/O load to improve overall performance, including upgrades to our R1Soft backups and kernel-level improvements to our virtualization platform.”

As a VPS hosting and hybrid server provider at the forefront of technology, WiredTree gives customers the highest standards in performance. Now, after this unrivaled investment in upgrades and improvements, WiredTree customers will see a tangible decrease in page loading times and ultra-fast performance across every part of their hosting plan.

WiredTree is currently starting upgrades on VPS hosting services, with hybrid server hosting to follow. All upgrades will be completed by mid-April 2013.