Web Hosting Provider Now Offers Free VPN – 03/14/2014

Reliable web hosting provider iClickAndHost has announced on their blog, that they have included an exciting new feature for all of their web hosting customers. Now each web hosting customer is allowed to use a FREE VPN service if he is subscribed to any of the web hosting packages utilizing the Hepsia Control Panel.

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FREE VPN Service

Each customer gets 5 GB of free VPN traffic with each of their web hosting services that utilizes the Hepsia Control Panel – web hosting packages, virtual private servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers.

Once connect to iClickAndHost’s servers, they will route all of traffic as if it originated from their data center, which is a great workaround for accessing country-restricted websites. Plus, all of the user’s incoming and outgoing traffic will be protected with a 128-bit encryption to make sure that there is no one standing between the end user and the websites one visits.

Currently, the VPN service is only available out of our USA datacenter, but we are working on providing with VPN servers in multiple countries across the world.

With iClickAndHost customer can use web hosting services in 3 different locations – United States with a data center in Chicago, IL; United Kingdom and EU with a data center just west of London and Australia and Oceania – top tier data center located in Sidney, Australia. All datacenters have redundant network and power suppliers, guaranteeing customers little or no downtime at all. The provider is committed to always keep spare parts on-site and at close reach, so in the unlikely event of a hardware component failure the server to be back up and running within minutes!