Web Hosting Providers offer Automation Software to Tandem Resellers – 07/26/2011

On Monday, the innovative web hosting provider SingleHop announced its partnership with the web hosting automation software provider 1H.com. The web hosting provider announced that this partnership was to provide tandem resellers with the chance to acquire and install, via the SingleHop’s LEAP interface, the 1H automation software on their servers.

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The web hosting automation software provider says that their software will allow users to automate and optimize the performance of shared hosting servers. This will be possible by “intelligently handling tasks that would otherwise require dedicated system administrators to handle,” says 1H.com.

By partnering with 1H.com, SingleHop will be able to package the new products in the brand new Hosting Provider Optimization Kit. The new partnership will be very useful to all shared web hosting providers. It will help them resolve security issues and resolve uneven resource distribution. This new package contains two of the many tools developed by 1H.com. Those two tools being: resolve uneven resource distribution.

The main point of the Hosting Provider Optimization Kit is to automate the detection and reaction to resource abuse all while reducing the impact of brute force and hackers attacks.

“After 5 years of being in the shared hosting business, I can truly appreciate the technical challenges faced by multi-tenant shared and vps hosting providers,” said Dan Ushman, SingleHop co-founder and chief marketing officer. “SingleHop has always strived to offer a different and better experience to the hosting businesses we support. The addition of 1H is just another addition to our already award-winning platform.”