Website Design Services for all Hosting Providers – 04/15/2013

Server Sitters, a leader in outsourced web-hosting support, will begin to offer unbranded website design services for all hosting providers beginning in early 2013. The services are designed specifically to accommodate small and large commercial web hosting companies with customers seeking a website overhaul or complete makeover.

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Usually, hosting providers simply don’t staff the manpower needed to take on a sophisticated website design project. Beginning in May of 2013, Server Sitters will be packaging unbranded design and application development services to existing and prospective new clients, further expanding their expanding menu of web based solutions.

At Server Sitters, the experienced support team is focused on specific requirements for each client. Management understands that a web hosting operation is multifaceted as well as unique, so this decision to offer custom design and application development services firmly establishes Server Sitters as an industry leader willing to adapt, and ultimately surpass customer expectations.