Website Restore Service for Business Web Hosting Clients – 07/13/2011

In the digital world, the wrong click can destroy countless hours of work, unless a secure and reliable web site restore is available. Now webmasters everywhere have the power to turn back time and revert to a secure restore point with the newly launched Website Restore service from This value-added restore service is available to all customers with shared web hosting accounts running on either the Windows 2008 or Linux hosting platforms, as well as the associated MySQL, Microsoft SQL or PostgreSQL Databases. All backup data is stored on a secondary server, so secure storage is available for each restore point.

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This user-friendly website restore service features a simple interface and functionality, which will be familiar to users of Windows System Restore or Mac Time Machine. Website Restore allows users to create a complete website snapshot, or restore point. With the Website Restore service from, corrupt tables, lost files and database errors are problems of the past. The website restore function allows users to revert back to a clean state with a couple of clicks.

Users can create unique restore points so files are available before and after major changes to a website or database. By storing files on a secondary server, adds an extra layer of protection that individual clients and small businesses can rely on. Peace of mind isn’t the only benefit of creating a secure website restore point before something goes wrong.

Tim Attwood, Product Manager at, revealed the benefits of this simple and highly-effective add-on saying “Secure ‘restore points’ mean security for business. Our new service creates a clear road map with restore points for databases and websites that allows users to recover anything from one lost or corrupt file to a complete database.”

Linux or Windows Shared hosting servers is an affordable way to reduce expenses. Web hosting customers with have complete control of their service, expenses and secure restore points.