Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 Hosting Packages on Affordable Price – 02/22/2013

WinHost, a Windows web hosting services provider is now offering Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 hosting packages at affordable prices. The company launched a Microsoft Windows Hosting Feature Spotlight page on the corporate website to allow customers to purchase hosting packages which include ASP.NET 4.5 hosting.

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Windows Server 2012 is the latest Windows operating system. It’s been upgraded to provide webmasters more options for web applications which are critical to a business’s success. In addition, the Windows 2012 hosting platform comes with Internet Information Services 8.0 (IIS8). WinHost allows its customers to access the IIS Manager for free which means webmasters can control many IIS configurations through the web.config file.’s Windows hosting plans also include free MySQL database hosting. The MySQL database is the most popular open source relational database system available today and since most webmasters are trained on the system so there is virtually no learning curve for those with experience. MySQL hosting also allows webmasters to use popular open source apps such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. Webmasters can install most open source apps with a single click via the control panel.