Windows Hosting Company Addresses Businesses’ Privacy Concerns with VPS Hosting – 08/28/2012

AccuWebHosting has been known for nearly a decade as the provider of Windows-based web hosting for businesses and individuals. With the initiation of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, AccuWeb has expanded that customer service to provide peace of mind to its customers.

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As AccuWebHosting explains, traditional web hosting places multiple domains on the same server. This can create an obstacle for some businesses which run into situations where they need to be hosted on a separate server to meet stringent requirements for a variety of assorted needs.

AccuWeb’s Windows VPS hosting is popular with businesses because of the element of control it grants. Instead of hosting data on a server in-house, businesses have the benefit of AccuWeb’s experienced I.T. staff and reliable backups without having to give up control. Even AccuWeb’s super economy plan quarantines a user’s website on its own Virtual Private Server, with prices starting at only $11.49 per month.

AccuWebHosting emphasizes that there are several differences between its super economy and premium VPS plans. One is the inclusion of a control panel, which is free with the premium plan but requires an additional fee with the super economy plan. AccuWeb’s control panel makes web hosting a breeze, putting the small business owner in control of e-mail accounts, passwords, and analytics. As businesses deploy new marketing strategies, these analytics are crucial to determining the success of those campaigns. They can point a business toward steps that might lead customers to click through to subpages on the business’s homepage, as well as come back to the site later.