Windows Hosting Company Announces MySQL is Fully Supported – 09/21/2011

Server Intellect, a Microsoft Gold Certified provider of advanced Windows-based Cloud and Managed Dedicated Server hosting solutions, officially announced today that MySQL is now a fully supported database engine within Server Intellect’s Dedicated Server, Public Cloud and Private Cloud hosting services.

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Completely free of charge to obtain, MySQL is used by database administrators around the world and can be utilized on nearly any platform. Server Intellect customers are now able to host well-known web applications which are driven by MySQL databases, such as phpBB, WordPress, and Drupal.

Server Intellect Chief Technology Officer Brock Hensley commented on the addition of MySQL to the Server Intellect support umbrella, “Bridging the gap between Linux and Windows Hosting with MySQL and PHP is something we’ve had a high demand for at Server Intellect. We are proud to have answered our customer’s demands with this new offering hosted in our Public Cloud, backed by our 24/7 U.S. based ServiceFirstSupport team, further establishing ourselves as an industry leader in Cloud Hosting Solutions.”

With its origins dating back to 1998, MySQL is an open-source database engine, wildly popular amongst web developers who work with the PHP, Perl, and Python scripting languages. MySQL is also used to power some of the most popular sites on the Internet, such as Google, Facebook and Wikipedia.