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For only $600 per Year ($50 per month) you will receive a Regular A-Z Listing in the category of your choice. The links are displayed in alphabetical order of the specified category.

The Annual Regular A-Z Listing submission fee is non-refundable, and there is a recurring annual fee of $600 to maintain each Regular A-Z Listing after the first year.

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Can I add our company to more than 1 category?

Yes, if you provide more services then you could add your company to all appropriate categories. By example if you offer VPS and Dedicated servers then you could add both.

Is the listing free?

No, to keep the quality of the directory and cover our expenses (for hosting etc…) we collect a small maintenance submission fee. We also believe that in this way only the top providers will be listed, which will be better for the visitors.

We offer Website design services, can we add our agency?

Unfortunatelly you cannot add your agency in the directory, but you could advertise your services in the appropriate section.