How to Create a New Web Site using ASP.NET Hosting

This Web hosting tutorial will explain how to create a new web site using ASP.NET hosting.

The first step after creating an ASP.NET site is to deploy it on Web hosting server so to access it from Internet. This could easily accomplished using the Plesk control panel which is provided by most of the best ASP.NET hosting companies, which …

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ASP.NET MVC Hosting Providers Comparison

The ASP.NET MVC Framework is a Model-view-controller framework. It allows software developers to build a Web application as a composition of three roles: Model, View and Controller. When you are looking for ASP.NET MVC hosting provider there are 3 important factors as supported ASP.NET MVC version, ASP.NET MVC hosting control panel and ASP.NET hosting features.

ASP.NET MVC Hosting Version

When …

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ASP.NET Tutorial for Beginners with examples

ASP.NET is free technology which allow developers to create server side applications and powerful websites. It’s used mostly with Windows platform. Many sites offer ASP.NET Tutorial for Beginners with examples, but what exactly should contain such tutorial and from where to start one beginner. Next you will find what are the steps which you should follow before read …

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How to configure FTP over SSL using FileZilla with ASP.NET hosting

This Web hosting guide will explain how to configure FTP over SSL using FileZilla with ASP.NET hosting.

Configure the Windows hosting server

1. Create a folder for FTP publishing:
– Create a folder at “%SystemDrive%\inetpub\ftp”;
– Set the permissions to allow access for the appropriate group;
-Type the following command : ICACLS “%SystemDrive%\inetpub\ftp” /Grant administrators:F /T

2. Create an SSL enabled FTP Site Using …

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Best ASP.NET Hosting Plans for Dedicated Servers

This Web hosting guide will explain what are the best ASP.NET hosting plans for dedicated servers.

As the name shows the dedicated server means that the user will have own Windows server which will ne not shared with anyone else.

Dedicated ASP.NET Hosting

There are mainly 3 Dedicated ASP.NET hosting plans. The first one is most popular or the cheapest plan, …

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ASP.NET Hosting With SQL Server

The most used database with ASP.NET hosting is SQL Server. The developers have two options, to get ASP.NET with SQL Server, or to get just a hosting serve and install their own version of the database engine.

ASP.NET Hosting with SQL Server

In this scenario the hosting company offer ASP.NET hosting with SQL Server, which is installed and preconfigured on …

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How to find Reliable and Cheap ASP.NET hosting provider

First of all lets answer the question what is reliable and what is cheap ASP.NET hosting provider?

Reliable hosting company means that it provides stable and quality services. Such company usually has 99,9% uptime, good response speed, and do not oversell its services (i.e. control the used hardware and resources and do not host more accounts on one Windows …

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How to Find the Best Developer ASP.NET Hosting

To answer this question we should first define what is developer ASP.NET hosting and what can make it the best ASP.NET hosting.

Developer ASP.NET hosting

This type of hosting targets ASP.NET programmers and it allow them to try the latest .NET features as new ASP.NET version, MVC, AJAX, SQL server etc…
Some of these features could be in beta stage, so …

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The best ASP.NET Hosting Providers

The best ASP.NET hosting providers offer .NET hosting services on Windows Servers with a combination of MS SQL database support. They help many sites owners to publish and host their projects to WWW and to have their own company web presence.

What makes the difference between the best ASP.NET hosting providers and other hosting companies? Some will said …

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