Video ASP.NET Tutorial VS PDF ASP.NET Tutorial

This ASP.NET programming guide will explain what is the difference between Video ASP.NET Tutorial and PDF ASP.NET Tutorial.

According the there are 2 types of learning tutorials, one that you could read – it’s usually in PDF or web page format (HTML, ASPX), and one that you could watch – it’s in video format. Both have advantages and …

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Security ASP.NET tutorial

This tutorial will explain what is ASP.NET security and how to create efficient defense for your data.

You could exploit the security in 3 directions:

– ASP.NET website data, including user passwords, Credit Cards, private user information as address, personal info etc…
To protect the ASP.NET data you should check all get and post parameters before using them. Also to install …

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ASP.NET Tutorial VS ASP.NET Book

In the recent IT age many young people desire to become .NET developers and the most popular question is from where to start – reading a good ASP.NET tutorial or book? In the recent guide we will compare both choices with their advantages and disadvantages.

ASP.NET Tutorial

According the the purpose of ASP.NET tutorial is to show a practical …

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ASP.NET Tutorial for Beginners with examples

ASP.NET is free technology which allow developers to create server side applications and powerful websites. It’s used mostly with Windows platform. Many sites offer ASP.NET Tutorial for Beginners with examples, but what exactly should contain such tutorial and from where to start one beginner. Next you will find what are the steps which you should follow before read …

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