The ASP.NET MVC Framework is a Model-view-controller framework. It allows software developers to build a Web application as a composition of three roles: Model, View and Controller. When you are looking for ASP.NET MVC hosting provider there are 3 important factors as supported ASP.NET MVC version, ASP.NET MVC hosting control panel and ASP.NET hosting features.

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ASP.NET MVC Hosting Version

When you choose the best ASP.NET hosting for you this is one of the most important factors, supported ASP.NET version. The most recent version is ASP.NET MVC 5, and if you want to work with the newest technologies then you could use MVC 6 RC1. Most shared hosting providers do not offer MVC 6, so to use it you should get at least VPS hosting account.

ASP.NET MVC Hosting Control Panel

The most used ASP.NET hosting control panel is Plesk, which most recent version is 12. It supports ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC 5. Some hosting companies offer their own hosting control panels, and this is especially useful if it’s supported not released MVC versions as MVC 6 RC1.
So, check the hosting control panel before make your choice!

ASP.NET MVC Hosting Features

Of course supported MVC version is important, but you will need different hosting features depending on your ASP.NET project needs. Some of the most important are Disk Space, RAM, CPU, Monthly Data transfer, MS SQL server support, Customer support and not the less important the ASP.NET MVC hosting price.